Why buy a Classic Car?

It is not surprising that classic cars have become so mainstream when I can remember that messing around with old cars was the prerogative of odd old men in sheds.

Modern cars have become so anodyne and soulless that the thrill of driving or the excitement of planning a road trip has been lost.

I would not recommend buying a classic car as an investment, although over the period 2013 -2016 many classic cars doubled in value and they turned out to be the best investment anyone could make, especially when my bank was offering 0.01% on my savings!

But it is an investment, if you like, in yourself and your family.

There is lots to be said for opening up the garage on a crisp spring morning and giving your pride-and-joy a wipe over before going for a blast down country roads.

 The noise and mechanical feel is addictive (and rewarding) and it feels like fast even when you are well within the speed limits.

 And as you park up at some village or town for coffee, someone is going to come over to chat.

Apart from meeting people and making new friends a whole plethora of events to attend opens up to  you, from the stunning Goodwood events to many top class Concourse de Elegances, but perhaps more importantly, lots of little local meetings often held in stunning estates and gardens so the whole family can enjoy the morning out.

Then there are the organised road trips/rallys and continental touring trips and hill-climbs and racing if you are seriously competitive.

In short, owning a classic car can become a lifestyle that enriches your life . And even in darkest winter (the car tucked under its cover) nothing beats sitting around the fire with a whiskey and the latest classic car magazine or book.