Modern Car Servicing Explained!

There are basically two types of service, Interim (minor) and Full (major) and most manufactures and marques and models adhere to this.

There slight variations but we advise our customers to service their car once a year or around every 10 000 miles which fits in with manufacturers recommendations.

So one year its an interim service and the next a full service, and so on.  For cars that do very little mileage, the service interval can be stretched a bit, but oil deteriorates with time so we do not recommend more than 18 months.

Manufactures started some years ago to recommend longer service intervals and some have gone back on this as the cars started to develop problems.

Our advice is always, at the very least, change the oil regularly as at least the engine is saved from contamination and rapid wear and with some of our customers running cars with over 200 000 miles on them, this good advice is proven.

Interim Service

  • Fresh oil.
  • New oil filter.
  • Some cars require a new pollen/cabin filter.
  • Some diesels recommend a new fuel filter.
  • Visual check-over ( tyres, brakes if can be seen, and all lights).
  • Visual check of suspension components/chassis.
  • Top up levels for the coolant, power steering and brake fluid, and washer bottle.
  • Re-set service light if on.

 Cost at Greenway varies between £100 to £200 depending on car and engine.

I can also mention that you are not obliged to take your new car back to the main dealer for servicing and by fitting OE parts, we can make sure your warranty, if any, is protected.

Full Service

  • Fresh oil
  • New oil filter
  • Spark plugs (for petrol engines, although some have long life plugs that only need to be changed
  • at high mileage intervals.)
  • Air filter
  • Pollen/cabin filter
  • Fuel filter ( Some petrol engines have a long life one that does not need changing)
  • Visual check-over chassis and suspension
  • Test and top up brake and clutch fluid
  • Top up levels of coolant (and test for condition) and windscreen washer bottle.
  • Visual check of brakes.
  • Reset service light.

Cost at Greenway varies between £210 to £350 depending on car and engine.

Pollen Filters 

As there is some confusion about pollen filters, here is a quick explanation.

Pollen filters or Cabin filters are a paper like filter that filters air entering the inside of the car via the heater blower or air-conditioning system.
They can be situated to the rear of the engine in the scuttle or under the dashboard.

They are often difficult and time consuming to fit, in one top selling car , the fuse box has to be removed first.  Not all garages bother to replace them on a regular basis as they add to the cost of the service (they are not a cheap part) and can be fiddly to fit.

We replace them on all major services as they become contaminated with time and build up bacteria (they can get damp)  which means the air entering the cabin can be harmful to the occupants.

If you suffer from allergies including hay-fever please mention this to us and we will replace the filter at each service rather than only at the major one.