About us

We are a friendly country garage that operates super efficiently and without frills (No aluminium and glass!), to offer a premium service at a more affordable cost.

For most major service work, about half the cost of a main dealer.

We have 4 divisions:

  1. MOT
    Modern cars and vans up to 3.5 tons

    Classic cars.  Many owners of classic cars especially those with a high value have concerns about the MOT test and the way their car may be treated. 
    We are all enthusiast at Greenway Garage and take particular care of the rare and unusual and owners are entitled, and welcome, to watch the test being done and to speak to the tester before hand, so that any specific matter of concern regarding their pride and joy can be discussed.

    Our workshop is very well equipped, particularly in terms of diagnostic equipment, and we are able to do some repairs that other companies may struggle with.

    As modern cars become more complex and sophisticated there is an even greater need for wide ranging experience and in- depth knowledge rather than the somewhat mindless “do what the computer says” approach. No business is perfect but we do have superior technical skills and desire to do our best for the customer.

    We look after a wide range of classic and vintage cars from VW camper vans to older Ferraris and can handle most mechanical work but don’t do bodywork.

    A lot of the work we do is re-commissioning, when a classic car has stood for a long time, and this normally entails some engine work , a major service and a re-build of the fuel and carburettor system, the brakes and brake lines and attending to other numerous minor issues. Its dedicated work and time consuming but very rewarding and something the workshop really enjoys, which is probably why we are so good at it!

    We sell both modern and classic cars and are always ready to buy cars for cash.
    We also sell cars on consignment with a contract to protect the customer and ring fence the finances.

    Because we have a knowledgeable workshop and an unusual showroom we are able to prepare and present cars for sale to a higher standard, and in a more approachable way, than many garages or dealers.  Trade plates and a towing trailer makes collection and delivery possible for cars on sorn and our finance facilities help to sell cars that owners would struggle to do privately especially those with high value.